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What exactly does Fitted do and what services/products does it provide?

Our grandmas ask us this question every Thanksgiving. Fitted provides a variety of services (through our web-based applications, APIs, and team of humans) that improve communication, purchasing power, and consistency between Brands and Retailers.

How much does Fitted cost?

Fitted offers multiple product offerings and pricing structures to ensure a good “fit” for businesses of all shapes and sizes. To find out exactly how much Fitted would cost for you, request a demo today.

Does Fitted only work with athletic brands?

After over a decade of retail experience and relationship-building in run specialty we thought that would be the best place to start. However, we’re not stopping there - we’re laser-focused on delivering solutions that work for Retailers and Brands across a wide range of industries.

How can Fitted add value to my business?

Whether it’s through gaining access to 1000’s of products to sell or it’s adding e-commerce to a retail presence. Fitted has multiple solutions for adding value to your business. To find out what Fitted can do for your business, request a demo today.

Does Fitted integrate with my POS?

More than likely. Our development team works very hard to ensure that our products and services work with as many POS solutions as possible. Fitted also offers APIs and support documentation so that if we haven’t built an integration for your POS, you still can.

Why would I sell online? Don’t I want my customers to come into my store?

We’re a firm believer that two sales channels are better than one. Also, consumer habits are changing - for specific types of purchases, potential customers have a tendency to do a lot of research online before setting foot into any store. If you use your online platform to inform as much as sell, your online presence should grow your in-store sales.

How can I drive traffic to my online store?

Your knowledge and expertise (and smiling face, of course) are the reasons why your customers keep coming back to your retail store. That same knowledge and expertise can be shared online as well.  Whether through product reviews, blog posts or unboxing videos, there are all kinds of opportunities to share your unique viewpoint and grow your customer base.In addition, Fitted’s development team is also working hard behind the scenes to constantly improve things like SEO for all of the online stores we support.

Does Fitted work with companies outside of the United States?

Currently, our systems are designed to only work with companies within the United States and Canada. We are continuously working toward offering solutions for retailers and brands across the globe and will announce this as soon as we’re ready.

I’m interested in investing in Fitted. Who do I contact to learn more?

Email to start the conversation.

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